About Ann

A word about Ann Ridgley McLellan, Kate Walker’s Mom

Ann Ridgley McLellan.Ann McLellan, the inspiration for Ann’s Place, was born in Arlington Texas in 1940. She was a school teacher, a business woman, a devoted wife and mother, and a dear friend to many. Mom made The Woodlands her home in 1988 and lived there until her death from frontotemporalobe dementia (Pick’s Disease) in June 2009. She was always surrounded by her friends and her kitchen was the gathering place for numerous celebrations, wonderful long talks, and boisterous bridge games. After she lost her ability to speak I remember taking her to her favorite stores and watching the cashiers come from behind their counters to hug her with tears in their eyes. She never met a stranger. My favorite comment after her funeral was, “I loved your Mom – I remember thinking as a child that she was my friend – her smile and laugh made a whole room shine!”

Ann’s Place is a safe place where families can access excellent affordable counseling services in order to heal and move on. Trust, unconditional acceptance, and comfortable communication are the keys to our success as we work to help Montgomery County families, one at a time.